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In Mom's Humble Opinion is a PR friendly blog. I love to review family-friendly products, especially ones of interest to moms, who are generally the primary purchasing agent in a household!

To pitch me for a product review, giveaway or sponsored post, please email me, or fill out my form!

Blog reviews/giveaways raise brand awareness via word-of-mouth marketing to your target market! When I talk about products on my blog, I can help educate, entertain, and expand my readership, so we both benefit!

My readership consists of moms (and a few dads) who research products before making buying decisions, so our blog zeros in on your exact target audience.

 “Mom” is a professional writer with a degree in Creative Writing, and over 15 years of experience teaching writing and freelancing for magazines and newspapers. You can guarantee our review will be personable and professionally written.


  • Send a full-sized product for review (no sample/trial sized). For food reviews, please send a 7-14 day supply. 
  • After trying the product in our home, I will write a thoughtful review, including links to your site (keyword links are negotiable). 
  • The timing of the review will fit my editorial calendar. Please keep in mind, most of my postings are planned at least 2-4 weeks in advance, so there may be a delay between when we receive your product, and when the review posts, but I will give you an expected timeframe. I will send a link to you once the review is live. 
  • I give honest opinions about how the product worked for me and my family; I will discuss both pros cons. If I am not satisfied, I will contact you to resolve the problem before posting. 
  • If a giveaway is included (highly recommended), your company can offer a second product (or related item, gift certificate, etc.) to one or more of my readers. 
  • Your company is responsible for fulfillment/shipping charges. 
  • To be a legal contest, I cannot 
    • have “mandatory” entries; 
    • require readers to comment on a Facebook wall (this violates Facebook policies and endangers both my Facebook fan page and the sponsor’s)
    • have excessive entry tasks asking the reader to complete a lot of tasks (called ”consideration”) could push my giveaway into the category of an “illegal lottery.” 
    • For this reason, I limit my giveaways to no more than 1-5 entry tasks. Please read this article “Is Your Giveaway Legal?” for details. 
  • I will notify you of the winner’s name and shipping address when the giveaway ends. It is your responsibility to ship a prize to the winner in a timely manner (within 2 weeks is appreciated). 
  • I reserve the right to remove a review post if the winner’s prize is not delivered within 2 months and/or 2 contact emails. 

If you are interested in partnering with my blog to review a product, website, or sponsor a giveaway, please fill out the form above and/or contact me.

Thank you!

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