Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Get in on BrickSwag - a LEGO Club Exclusive (Review)

Do you have a LEGO lover in the house? I have two of them!

I've recently discovered Brickswag, thanks to my partnership with US Family Guide, and boy, have they hit the mark spot on for LEGO lovers! Brickswag is perfect to keep inspiration flowing and help your LEGO lover achiever master-builder status!

Our first box (November 2015) was a treasure trove! I could not believe all they packed in!

What's in a Brickswag LEGO Subscription Box!?

CONFESSION: I opened the box myself before the boys saw it so I could make this little Instagram video and I have to admit, I had a ton of fun with all the surprises!

First, Brickswag comes in a vivid red box, printed like a LEGO brick. The kids knew right away this was for them! 
  • A hilarious poster with a science joke (Hubby took that to work with him!)
  • A LEGO inspired plastic drinking cup - I'm kinda hoping we get another one of these in the next box only because I have TWO boys! ha! But I am pretty sure every box is different.
  • One commemorative red brick printed with "Brickswag, November 2015" - very cool!
  • An exclusive LEGO-themed T-shirt - ours was the one with the MLB-style logo but with a LEGO mini figure wielding a light saber. Text reads: Use the Bricks! I'm kinda happy that it came in medium size b/c I can wear it until my boys get a little older. I believe you only get the T-shirt with the 1 year plan, or with your first box - don't quote me on that!
  • Build Magazine - a really neat little publication with reviews of LEGO sets, instructions for the Brickswag kit, and fun games.
  • Brickswag kit - themed for November, ours was a Thanksgiving turkey! My five-year-old was able to follow the directions fairly easily to build this set. NOTE: The bricks in Brickswag are official LEGO bricks, not knockoffs. Awesome!
  • Brick Booster - a large bag filled with random bricks to boost your home collection. As my boys are just starting out, this was great for them! There's a cool contest in the Build magazine for users to create and share for a prize. It's an awesome idea, but my little boys are just not old enough to be motivated by that yet. Maybe in a year or two.
  • Funky Fig Trading Cards - 5 cards with mini figures on them in various costumes. I've got to say I have never heard of these before, and a few of them were not really appropriate for my little boys, but the others my kids got a kick out of looking at. Fairly cool.

About Brickswag

Brickswag is the #1 membership for LEGO fans. Their mission is: To Inspire, Educate, and Entertain with LEGO bricks. 

Brickswag monthly LEGO Subscription box is a definite hot pick this holiday season! Last year, memberships sold out before December so now is the time to lock in for this holiday season.

Here's a visual of the current membership plans and pricing. I think for what you get, it's a pretty exciting gift at a decent price point! And there's a good range of plans to pick from!

Check their site for current promo codes!

Happy building!

PS - Got questions about BrickSwag? Send our friends there an email at info@brickbuildersclub.com

This post is sponsored by BrickSwag and USFamilyGuide and I will receive a free 3 month subscription to BrickSwag in exchange for posting this information. All opinions are my own. 

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