Friday, May 31, 2013

{Book Review} Intentional Parenting

"Am I doing this right?" When it comes to raising children of faith, I not only wonder if my parenting is right, but if we're being strong spiritual leaders as well.

I'm thankful for the opportunity to review this book sent at no charge from the publisher.
Intentional Parenting by Goff, Thomas, and Trevathan (Thomas Nelson) had me crying "YES! Yes, yes," and nodding my head vigorously page after page. It's part common sense that needs repeating and heeding, and part age-appropriate scenarios and examples to help parents understand how to become intentional in their parenting.

Instead of parenting by the seat of your pants, the authors advise a thoughtful, prayerful, plan-ful approach. Parenting out of who you are as a Christian parent and not from what you feel in the moment or because of your upbringing/history.

A good way to understand what intentional parenting means is to ask, What stories will your kids have about you as a parent? Are you acting as the parent you want them to remember? What is the vision for your family? What core values do you want to instill? 

The book covers topics like how to identify the kind of parent you are (and how to improve!), how to be balanced, consistent, playful, and spiritual, among other topics. Each chapter is divided into advice for parents of toddlers, children, and teenagers, which is helpful for finding the information for your child. 

Overall, the book is an easy read, yet makes you think. I'll definitely be re-reading this one! It's full of encouragement, real life examples and some scripture. I wished there're was more supportive scripture to each point, but, since this is written for Christian parents, I think it is clear how the principles were drawn from the Bible.

This book speaks to our role as Christian parents - it's not to be passive. It's about growing in grace and in the knowledge of the Lord... and transferring this understanding as a spiritual legacy to our children. As parenting seems to be growing more hurried and more harried, I am confident this book will encourage and refocus our parenting.

Thanks to both Book Sneeze for providing a review copy. All opinions are 100% my own. 

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