Saturday, February 9, 2013

We did a meatless Monday! (and we'll do it again!) #bzzagent

Our family has been trying to eat healthier this year. One way is by trying to follow a clean eating and / or Paleo diet.

But those diets generally call for a lot of meat. Which is expensive! And sometimes not the healthiest option.

So we are trying to do a meatless Monday weekly. To help out, I tried out MorningStar Farms Griller's Original veggie burgers via my connection at!

I thought my hubby wouldn't enjoy this dish, and truthfully he was a bit skeptical at first.

But I whipped up a gourmet burger with the Morningstar burgers by adding Swiss cheese and avocado! The flavors melded together and tasted fantastic! It was really hard to tell that we weren't eating a regular burger.

Hubby ate two!!! And our toddler didn't even notice he was eating something different than his regular burger!

I think we will be adding meatless Monday to our regular menu rotation! The burgers were easy to make, and delicious!

Do you go meatless often? What are some good recipes?

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