Friday, January 4, 2013

One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp ~ Book Review

I've already told you how much I enjoyed Ann Voskamp's style and inspirational thoughts in her devotional One Thousand Gifts: Devotional, which I reviewed a few weeks ago. 

Now I've had the chance to read her original book, One Thousand Gifts: a dare to live fully right where you are. 

You know that phrase "The unexamined life is not worth living"? Well, according to Voskamp, the ungrateful life is not worth living either. 

Look, really, nothing she is saying is earth-shattering. It's the WAY she says it. Gently. Like the wind in your hair that you forgot to notice. Voskamp reminds us we NEED to notice and be thankful for the smallest gifts in our life. She makes you take a second, third, fourth look at the life we call ours.

She narrates us through her journey from unfulfilled farm wife of six, to her epiphany about the necessity of living in gratitude, to her arrival at a transformed life. The vignettes and moments of awakening are breathtakingly told with a gracefully loveliness in style. 

This book pushed me to reconsider how I view my little world. I think I have such an "ordinary" life that I don't need to "notice" it much. But now I am trying to live with eyes wide open to the simple,  intricate gifts God gives daily. It's not an easy practice, let me tell you. But I am going to try. 

Reading this book was a delight to my poetic soul!!

Now... I do have a FEW criticisms... in this book more so than the last, I sometimes felt the author got overly dramatic in her constant repetition of the word eucharisteo. I understood when she was explaining the Greek origin, but she repeats this word over and over as a type of refrain. I suppose it's allowable given her style is highly lyrical. But I found it a bit off-putting at times as I read. It bordered too strongly on "author intrusion" to me. 

Also, the chapter on intimacy with God was... well, I haven't quite digested that one fully! It's a bold concept, I'll give her that! I "get" what she is trying to say about union with God. Yet, my opinion is the extended metaphor of physical intimacy is not respectful of God's holiness. I am sure the author and I will always differ on this point. 

If you want a lovely read, one to certainly inspire you to make changes in how you life your life... read this book! You may not agree with everything theologically speaking but... then again, I think it's meant to be more memoir than theology anyway, so read in that spirit!!

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linett said...

haven't read it yet but the reviews look interesting, thanks

Courtney said...

I've heard it's GOOD.

maybe I'll try to win it first ;)

QueenB said...

This looks awesome. It's funny- I look so much to find the wonder in the ordinary since Sandy Hook- which I suppose is a good thing. <3

Stephanie Larison said...

I've heard only good things about this book, I'd love to read it.

Melissa V said...

This book has got amazing reviews. It is changing lives and everyone that has read has been blessed

Melanie said...

I've heard so much about it! Looks inspiring and life changing! Thank you for an opportunity to own a copy.

Lisa Pecora said...

I read the reviews and people seemed to have enjoyed it.

Jo said...

The books sounds wonderful & inspiring. One little thing that makes me happy is sticking my hand in the dirt. I love my little flowers! GLTA!
jofo120 at yahoo dot com

Candi said...

I get depressed and think I don't matter I would hope that this book would make me feel better about things and my life. No I have never heard anything about it before.

bac1 said...

ive never hear about it before it looks uplifing

saturdaynightfever said...

I have not heard of this book, but I love the title and the cover photo!

cassandra mccann said...

before this review I had not heard of it but i would love to own it

Clair said...

I have not heard of this book before

Gianna said...

I haven't heard about it before.. sounds like a good read.