Thursday, November 29, 2012

Cute little drool-catchers! Bibs by NUBY

Our first son rarely drooled or spit up. Seriously.

I had a stack of bibs for him which very quickly were relegated to the back of the closet until he started solid foods.

But our newborn? Now he is a drooler. A bubble blower. A frequent spit-upper!

I have had to start having bibs on him just to keep his outfits clean for most of the day!

NUBY has adorable bibs if you have one of these drooley babies like we do! My favorite so far is their Embroidered Bib set.

I have the Whale Bib, and we love putting this on our son. It has vivid coloring, soft embroidery, and a three-dimensional whale fin sticking out! There's an easy velcro closure too.

Not to mention how cute are the designs? Whales, seahorses, octopus are all exciting choices for babies.

If you have to hide a sweet baby outfit with a bib, at least the bib should be cute right?

Do you go through a lot of bibs in your house? 

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Courtney said...

toooooo cute! I want some! :)