Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Decked out for Summer Fun @OldNavy #OldNavyStyleCouncil

Where do I go to stock up for summer fashion? Definitely Old Navy. Why? Because they have just about every accessory a gal could wish for... and in fun colors, prints and styles!

I got to take 3 of my gal friends on a Beach Bum Shopping trip last week to get ourselves some fresh gear for the beach! Not a moment too soon as Fourth of July is here!

We explored the store top to bottom - Old Navy is well known for their wall-of-flip-flops, usually as low as $5, but sometimes you catch their $1 sale!! They have solid flip flops, and ones with fun prints. Soft soled, and wedges, decorative accents - you name it, you'll find your shoe! And the great thing is - at these prices you can afford to get a little fun and funky and step (get it?) outside your comfort zone!

But did you know you can snag some cool beach bags, beach towels, and even hot sunglasses there too? And of course, it's a blast to hobnob with the mannequins around the store: 
We had the most fun in the sunglasses section, where it's easy to imagine you're a celebrity on the shores of some exotic locale just by popping on funky glasses! I opted for the white sunglasses - they just seemed so "cool" to me - and are definitely outside my typical sunglasses choice! I was excited to branch out and try something new!
Each of us created a look for summer fun - watch our looks come together in this fun stop-animation clip (sorry this is my first attempt!):
We each had our own style - check out the various "style looks" you can create at Old Navy!
  • a bit nautical with striped and sequins
  • a bit funky/wild with zebra stripes and florals
  • a bit Bohemian with a hobo bag and beaded flip flops
  • a bit tropical with straw bag and pink sunglasses

Whatever your look - jet over to Old Navy to scoop up sales and summer fashion for your whole family!

DISCLOSURE: I am writing this post as part of a CrowdTap Sample Share campaign. I was provided coupons for free products to complete this shop and post. All opinions are 100% my own!


Crunchy Beach Mama said...

soooo jealous! :)

Looks like you gals had a lot of fun!!

Keonte' said...

U love the sunglass photo! You're video is awesome too. Great post!!