Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Recalls Plus Brings Safety Closer to Home #RecallsPlus

I just downloaded a great app for parents (and anybody really!)... It's Recalls Plus, a new app allows you to keep track of child product and food allergen recalls, as well as keep an eye on products your children use most with Personal Watch Lists. 

It was so easy to install on my iPad, and I quickly set up a few personal watch list items for my toddler's crib, car seat, and stroller. 

With the Personal Watch feature, you can list your exact brand / item / date of purchase, and Recalls Plus will keep an eye out if there have been any recalls on that particular piece. You can create lists by the age of your children, product/item, or food allergen. 

The home screen is a streaming feed of ALL recalls they find, which is so interesting to pan through (fortunately nothing I see is an item I own / eat). 

I like how they include recalls and notifications on possible food allergen alerts or mislabeled food products - I can imagine that is so helpful for many people! I'll definitely be keeping track of new items as we make purchases in our family!

Recalls Plus is available on FacebookiPhone, and Android. Free to download, and will give new parents especially more peace of mind about the products they own!

DISCLOSURE: This is a partnered post with SheSpeaks; I will be receiving a promotional item in return for posting on this topic. 

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Kerri said...

Isn't it a great app? I like that it gathers the information that you are interested in and that is important to your family.