Sunday, March 4, 2012

Choo Choo! Great costumes are coming through!

Well, the hubbub has finally died down, but I have to write up a post about all the fun we had at my son's second birthday party.

Although we keep it just to family to maintain our sanity, I went all out decorating and making a train cake for the train-themed party. My son has gotten really into trains lately and enjoyed this theme!

What made the party so fantastic is having him dress up in a train engineer costume for the whole party! It really added to the fun. And made for great photos!

I got this train engineer costume from Wholesale Costume Club where you'll find a wide selection of
boys costume ideas in case you'd like to have a themed party of your own!

The engineer costume was made from a study fabric material with great detailing and felt just like regular clothing to me (not quite as thick as a denim jean material). I did order the costume a size too large because I am used to costumes running small, and this one must run true-to-size. But I just rolled the cuffs and criss-crossed the overall straps and we were fine. The gloves that come with the costume were too big but we're saving them for when he's older!

Wholesale Costume Club doesn't just have great costume choices for babies, children, and adults, but they also have good sale and regular pricing. You might pay over $50 for this costume elsewhere, but at Wholesale Costume Club it's less than $40!

I'm telling you, costumes don't have to be for plays and halloween anymore! Visiting an online costume store can get you started on the road to great party ideas. And, a fun costume in a child's area of interest can also make a great gift because it's perfect for pretend play!

DISCLOSURE: I was sent an item for review. All opinions are my own and 100% honest.

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