Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Book Review: Real Moms Love To Eat by Beth Aldrich

I do have love affairs with foods (certain kinds... usually the bad ones!). I am an Italian gal who loves to eat. And fortunately, I have not struggled too much with weight in my lifetime. However, I have struggled with things like migraines, fertility issues, and fatigue... all probably food related.

So... even though I don't need to lose weight, it is time I learned to eat in a way that supports a healthy lifestyle. Beth Aldrich, author of the book Real Moms Love to Eat, understands people (often women) have this intimate relationship with food ... that food can be about comfort, enjoying life, and pleasure.

What I appreciate about Beth's book (and her "plan") is she clearly understands "real eating" is not some mathematical equation

X calories - Y enjoyment = minimal weight loss and maximum disappointment.

She knows REAL success in food health means making lifelong changes over time ... changes that are realistic and gradual... changes that make a difference.

Beth's book is divided into 3 sections... each has a 10 week plan with action steps to make food-change a reality. The cool part is - some of the steps aren't even about food, but about getting to know WHO you are, so the changes you make will stick! I love how she talks about "upgrading" your food choices, so you don't feel deprived... you can actually have some of your favorite treats, just in a better, healthier, high quality way!

And Beth's up-close-and-personal anecdotes about her own food-love affair completely shows me that she really "gets it" about food and how hard it can be to change our habits! She is completely transparent, sharing her guilty pleasures like Laffy Taffy and Rice Krispie Treats! But she doesn't pull punches when she tells you how she manages these cravings to minimize their impact on her health.

Another thing: Beth's book is comprehensive. She doesn't just teach you how to upgrade your food. She encourages you to clean out your kitchen and prepare yourself for those life-changing food habits you're forming! I like that - a new diet will feel better with a new-looking kitchen!

So what changes am I planning to make after reading Beth's book? Well, I already do many of the suggestions in her book. But for starters, I am going to work on increasing my raw foods consumption, and cleaning out my kitchen! Here's to a new "real mom" who still LOVES to eat!

If you've been looking for just the right plan to change your eating habits, I strongly suggest getting Real Moms Love to Eat and following the plan!

Check out Beth's website, follow Beth on Twitter or follow the site on Facebook. Her book JUST hit the shelves last week, so you'll be right on top of the latest info on bringing your food habits into a healthy (and yet, still loving) perspective!

DISCLOSURE: I was sent a galley copy of Real Moms Love to Eat for my review. I was not compensated and all opinions are 100% honest and my own.

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Beth Aldrich said...

What a lovely review. You really pinned my entire book to a "t". Thank you for "getting me"!