Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Crunchy, Yummy Sante Nuts! Review

Do you know how great nuts are as a fun and yummy snack? They are crunchy, full of protein, and can satisfy either your sweet tooth or your salty snack cravings! SO much healthier than a candy bar!

I was sent a box of Santé nuts to review and boy, did we have fun crunching our way through that yumminess. They do a great job of roasting their nuts so each one is light and crispy-crunchy!

My absolute FAVORITE was the Candied Walnuts and Candied Pecans, because I am more of a sweets lover. Now, if I liked carrot cake, the Candied Walnuts would be perfect! But since I don't, I just ate these straight out of the bag! So yummy! And the Candied Pecans were perfect in my French Toast Casserole!! (And by themselves too!)

I surprised my dad and brother one day when they came over for a BBQ by handing them my bag of Santé Nuts Garlic Almonds. I do not like spicy flavored nuts too much, so I trusted them to test these out! They sat on the patio crunching away - they are both men of few words, but the thumbs up and "Do you have more of these?" said it all! They thought the Garlic Almonds were a fantastic pre-BBQ snack!

The Salted Pecans were delicious as well and I used them for some Christmas baking!

I love how Santé Nuts has just the right sized package for snacking or baking. You can get a good recipe or two out of a bag, or share the bag with a friend, because it's a good amount, but not too much that your bag will get all stale from sitting around! Trust me, these nuts DO NOT sit around long! And, of course, the resealable bags are perfect for keeping your nuts fresh and crunchy if you don't finish the whole package!

PLUS: Santé Nuts uses organic canola oil for roasting and are gluten-free and certified kosher!

Know what I loved BEST about Santé Nuts? How this company was started in on mom's kitchen, using her secret family roasting techniques that give you a lighter, less oily nut! One mom turned her snack roasting into an amazing business that provides for her family and a host of employees too! Now that's a success story!

Visit Santé Nuts online to find great recipes you can make or to order online (sold in stores in CA).

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Crunchy Beach Mama said...

Guess what we got as a gift the other day in our homemade cookie basket? Candied pecans! They are yummy!