Thursday, November 10, 2011

Kids Learn Money Skills With Money Savvy Pig ~ Giveaway

My son pulled a five dollar bill out of my purse the other day and said, "Money!" At the checkout line in the grocery store, he said "Pay!" And today, he started taking credit cards (well, they were technically store gift cards!) out of my wallet. EEEEERRrrrrrchhhhh! Record scratch!

He's only 20 months... and he knows about money! I know, conceptually, he doesn't get it, but it's never too soon to start.

Personal finance is of huge importance to me. I firmly believe children need to know the value of money (as in, we spend TIME making money, so don't waste money, because then you just wasted your time!). It's critical to teach kids to be good money managers, long-range planners/savers, and delayed gratifiers! These are life lessons I learned from my parents, and I plan to pass them on!

When I was little, my mom had "envelopes." Every time we earned money for chores, or were gifted money on our birthday and Christmas, we dutifully lined up to deposit our monies in the "Bank of Mom." (Heh, heh, I am now that bank!). My mother had us set aside 10% for tithe, 50% for saving, and the other 40% we could keep to spend. (Tricky, right!?).

Now, you don't have to have envelopes because there's fun product that actually teaches children these same financial lessons! Money Savvy Pig is a piggy bank that goes beyond one slot. After all, your money doesn't all go to the same place!

The Money Savvy Pig bank has four slots that lead to four chambers. SAVE, SPEND, DONATE, INVEST. Four areas of money management even young children can learn!

I love this piggy bank, because it's interactive. You're not just taking your kid's money and managing it for them, and you're not just letting them spend at will. Money Savvy Pig creates a teachable moment every time children earn or receive cash. Kids will make choices about how to divvy up their money. They'll see the results of their choices as they fill the bank, and that will teach them the value of delayed gratification - an important life skill.

The Money Savvy Pig comes with goal-setting stickers, so kids can become financial planners - they can customize their pig to reach savings goals like getting new sports gear or taking a trip! Parents will have an open door to discuss finances with their kids, in a fun way! The skills children will learn by using Money Savvy Pig could literally set a course for a positive financial future.

Now, my son is only 20 months, but even he can repeat SAVE, SPEND, DONATE, INVEST. It won't be long before he'll understand what some of those words mean (probably "spend" first!). I became a careful money manager because my parents took the time to teach me the importance of being frugal and planning ahead. I think it's a gift what my parents taught me, and I'll be giving that same gift to my children as well!

If you really like the bling - they even have a platinum piggy bank! And for the tech savvy - there's an iPhone, iPad, iPod app for kids!

Buy It: Give your child, niece, nephew, grandchild the gift of solid money management habits that will last them a lifetime. The Money Savvy Pig comes in blue, green, pink, purple, or red - Purchase on the Money Savvy Generation website. Also check out their resources for parents, educators, and financial professionals! There's even great books and coloring books for children all about money management! It can be fun!

Win It: Yes, one lucky winner will SAVE money by winning a free Money Savvy Pig piggy bank! Thanks, Money Savvy Generation! (ARV $17).

Good Luck!

DISCLOSURE: I was not compensated for this post. Thank you Money Savvy Pig for sending a product to review and for sponsoring this giveaway. All opinions expressed in this review are 100% my own!

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