Tuesday, November 8, 2011

In Style for Winter! #crowdtapper

Just a day before the big snowstorm hit our state, I had the privilege to visit Old Navy with my sister to pick out new winter coats.

I was so lucky to be one of the "Crowd Tappers" from CrowdTap.com taking part in the Old Navy Style Council Party. My sister and I each got to pick out a free winter outerwear piece.

We spent about an hour trying on toggle front coats, puffer coats, and more. But in the end, we BOTH kept getting drawn back to this one white wool blend coat (note, I almost got this camel colored one... there was no image on OldNavy.com to show you the white version!).

We hemmed and hawed, each offering to choose a different coat. But in the end, we decided, why not both have the same coat? We're sisters - it's not a big deal! Besides, we'd never have bought a WHITE coat with our own money because we are too practical for that. And why shouldn't we both get something nice!?

So... we both walked out with identical white wool blend coats! Don't we look cute! This coat is on SALE right now too for just $45!!!

I love the many ways the collar on this coat can button down or flip up to protect your neck. And the winter white is a perfect "dress up" color - I will be wearing this coat to church and other special occasions this year!

Staying warm!!

Do you get a new winter coat each year?

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