Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Staying Healthy This Season #lysolcoldandflu

I'm not sure if it's the weather, the fact that we're indoors more in the fall/winter, or that suddenly we corral all our children into classrooms in large groups! But whatever it is, this IS the flu/cold season. Here's some ways that my family has stayed flu-free for YEARS (without the help of the flu shot!).

  1. Stop touching everything! Are we just fidgety or what? Because everywhere I go, I see everyone fiddling with items on counters, cash registers, what have you. It's not just the kids. (And I include myself). But all this contact can be spreading germs! So keep your mitts off!
  2. And the face too - if you MUST fiddle, just don't do it on your face. Stop biting those nails, touching your mouth, nose, rubbing your eyes... if you picked up any bacteria, you will just deposit it into those mucus-filled receptacles that are your mouth, nose, and eyes!
  3. A word about coughing - Ahem! Don't do it into your bare hand. Ew. Gross. Get a tissue, or cough into your elbow or shoulder. Always AWAY from people and in a way that contains the fluids that DO come out when you cough!
  4. Wash, wash, wash. Rinse. Repeat. - It's probably the single most important way to keep germs from spreading.
  5. Sing Happy Birthday. - Wait, what? What does THAT have to do with staying healthy? Well, when you wash your hands, keep washing until you have sung through the Happy Birthday song TWICE. That is enough time to get all the bacteria off your skin.
  6. Use clean tissues - don't keep shoving dirty tissues in and out of your pockets and purse. Tissues are not something we should be "frugal" with - dispose of them when used and grab a new one, please.
  7. Hydrate - being dehydrated can lower your immune system.
  8. Sleep - so can not enough rest
  9. Get C's and D's - No, not on your report card!! Get enough vitamins like Vitamin C and Vitamin D to combat illness and build your immune system!
  10. Stay home. Not that you have to be a hermit, but if you ARE sick, please stay home. Not only will you be more susceptible to other germs, but you'll just spread the nastiness further. Stay home, drink tea, and get better!
So that is how our family keeps healthy throughout the winter. We are both teachers, and RARELY do we get colds and NEVER do we get the flu, even though we work with children all day.

How do YOU prepare for cold/flu season?

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