Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Poem: In His World

In his world…

A shell can hold the entire ocean

His mother has the voice of an angel

Laughter can be loud and long

A garbage truck sighting is cause for rigid spasms of excitement

Stomping on bubbles is the day’s delight

Someone will always hold him in the night

Daddy is the strongest person in the world

Every day is for exploration

Every color is green

Every person worth a smile and a boisterous HELLO!

The sky, the dirt, the world is still a beautiful mystery

He can discover himself a thousand times a day in the mirror

And is pleased with what he finds there

The make believe…is his reality

Choices are few…and simple: yes and no

Bare feet are the best accessory

So is dirt. Or simply being naked.

Joy is not something found or sought, it is simply the way of things

In his world.

Republished with permission from A Year With Mom and Dad.

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