Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Organize Your Finances with Quicken Home & Business

When I was a kid, I would say I wanted to be a bank teller when I grew up... so I could handle money. I guess keeping track of money and how it's spent has always appealed to me.

Years ago, I began using Quicken software to keep my check book up to date. I loved being able to see where my money was going using categories and memos.

Now, I can even track my student loan, mortgage, and credit cards with Quicken. And I no longer have to tediously type out each transaction because with a click, I can link my accounts and simply upload my statements right into Quicken. I upload at least weekly and check that each transaction is one I really did make myself (or hubby!).

Using Quicken quickly helped me see areas I was overspending, and let me set budgets so I could live within my means. There's even a feature to alert you when you've gone over-budget!

If you have a home-based business, Quicken Home & Business is perfect because you can chart profit and losses with the reporting tools and see your status at a glance.

Another reason to love Quicken is that it simplifies your taxes - use Quicken to capture deductions, including expenses for specific jobs, so you won't miss out on any write-offs! You won't have any Tax Day surprises, because you can do a tax deduction summary instantly. Now, I have not used this feature, although I've toyed with making "Schedule C" tags on some of my transactions. Because it exports to TurboTax, which I don't use, this feature isn't particularly handy for me personally!

What else can Quicken Home & Business software help with? How about estimating, invoicing, investing, planning, buy/sell decision making, scheduling bill payments, budgeting... even writing notes on your transactions and interacting with other Quicken users...there are so many features, I know I have not utilized this program to its fullest yet!
Quicken software will help you keep tabs on your day-to-day finances so you always know how much money you have left, and can make projections for the future!

Lest I seem overly glowing (which 99.9% I am about this software!), I will say that I dislike having to pay full price EVERY year for the upgrade... so I only upgrade about every 3 years as mostly the features don't change that much. And, I have experienced some glitches where the program didn't add my transactions correctly, but closing and reopening the program solved that issue. Otherwise, it has been smooth sailing!

As a Quicken user for more than a decade, I can vouch that this personal finance software WILL help you get a handle on your finances!

Do you use personal finance software for your family?

DISCLOSURE: I was sent a product for my use in crafting this review. All opinions are my own and 100% honest.

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