Wednesday, October 12, 2011

#MeTime, What's that? #SSCerra

I never realized how precious "alone" time would be... but nearly twenty months after having a baby, I hardly know what "me time" is anymore!

I have a wonderful hubby who watches the baby so I can get some shopping done, run out to have coffee with a friend. And I go to the local MOPS group and a mom's group at my church, both provide babysitting. So it's not that I NEVER get some time to myself, it's just that those times are dedicated to fulfilling obligations, social interactions, and more.

So... "me time"? I am wishing I had some! Recently I was introduced to Cerra. is a great place to start if you're feeling overwhelmed by the general details of life and need a peaceful moment to sort out thoughts, feelings, and regain composure. And it's not limited to new moms. I am sure that any women at any stage of life has those moments where life feels like it's going at warp speed!

Cerra sent me some lovely products to try out - all of which have their benefits for bringing a sense of calm and peace. What's Cerra? It's a unique company that focuses on helping people with their personal growth. Cerra focuses on seven positive "intentions:"
  • Grounded
  • Creative Energy 
  • Gratitude
  • Loving Kindness
  • Courage
  • Wisdom
  • Inspiration

Wow - that is definitely a list of character traits I want to incorporate into my life, and even though Cerra isn't a "Christian" company, I know that as a Christian, I can use scripture to help me focus on these seven traits as I develop spiritually!

In fact, that's one thing I loved about the Cerra Keepsake notes - I got a packet of Gratitude notes from Cerra to try out.

Little notecards with a writing prompt on them - each day I'd write down a note about something from that day that made me feel grateful. I always say I'm going to journal about all those little moments, but a huge blank journal book is overwhelming. These little cards were perfect to just jot a thought each day, and if I need to write more later, I can revisit the card. The physical act of writing out my gratitude notes was important for me, as the scripture reads: "In everything give thanks," but that an be easy to forget...these cards made me more specific about what I was grateful for... leading me to a more positive spirit as I went to sleep!
Cerra also sent these delicious tea bag samples. I don't drink tea often, but when I do, tea drinking has a calming effect. Maybe because I like to drink tea slowly, so the act of drinking tea forces me to slow my body and soul down for a moment to savor the experience (unlike when I drink coffee, which I seem to always drink in a rush, even when I don't need to!).
Another great way to regain calm and composure was with the Cerra Me Time Pebble candles. They are almost too cute to use up! The Me Time Pebble Candle set is a great idea to give a new mom or stressed out friend. It's perfect, because you can light a candle in the scent of your choice (one for each of the seven intentions), and it burns for exactly 30 minutes. Just the right amount of time to give yourself a pause for quiet reflection, along with some aromatherapy. Works great in the bath too, because they are tiny!

I could go on about the lotions, journal books, sensory oils Cerra offers, and how cool their website is, where you can type in the mood you're having, and they will suggest a certain product or aromatherapy to try. I think it's great to find a company whose goal is to help people improve and be more positive!

Check out Cerra for yourself and set aside a little "me time" this week! Your body and spirit will thank you for it! We all can benefit from quiet reflection in our day! If you want to be part of the Cerra SheSpeaks program, just click here!

DISCLOSURE: I was sent products for review. I was not compensated for this post and all opinions are 100% my own.

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