Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Are You On Pinterest Yet?

I am LOVING this new social media platform called Pinterest! What a great idea! I am shocked that nobody thought of it earlier.

It's like having "Favorites" but with a visual appeal and the ability to connect with friends about your favorite websites and ideas!

I owe it all to Crunchy Beach Mama for starting this latest online addiction. I wasn't sure about it at first, because who needs MORE to do (former Farmville addict speaking!). But hear me out, because I think Pinterest is a valuable tool for organizing ideas, planning, sharing, and... improving your blog traffic, apparently!

Okay first, what IS Pinterest:

Pinterst is basically a virtual bulletin board - good for planning, organizing, and sharing ideas. Very visually appealing. Great for inspiration!

When you see something you like online - like an amazing cake, beautiful scenery, clever kids' craft, you "pin" the image to a "board."

You can browse other people's boards (similar to Facebook, you can have friends and followers), and if you see something you like on another board, you "repin" it to your boards. You can create notes on a pin, have comments from other users. It's very interactive. I have created many boards. Some are more full than others. Here's a screen shot of the Pinterest Home Page:

I used Pinterest to plan out my bathroom remodel a few weeks ago. I simply searched Pinterest for all the "bathroom" pins, and I added what I liked to my "the home" board. I could see all my ideas in one place and be inspired!

You can even install a "Pin It" button on your toolbar so while you're out and about browsing the web, if you see something you love (on Etsy, blogs, or anywhere), you simply click "Pin it" and it gives a little pop-up for you to quickly store that idea on your Pinterest board. So much better than "Favorites!"

When you “pin," an item, Pinterest generates a link back to where you got the item to pin (it's important to link back to the ORIGINAL source of the item).

Isn't that a great idea!?

And now you can all...
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