Monday, October 10, 2011

Are You Gluten-Free?

I've been trying to improve my overall health in various ways. Sleep (What's that?). Exercise (Hmm?). And... Diet.

One suggestion (strongly worded!) from the naturopathic doctor I see was that I go on a wheat-free, dairy- free diet. But uh, yeah,... I kinda like wheat. And dairy. A lot!

I am ready to do what it takes to improve my health. But changing my whole diet... This seems hard. I love food. All kinds. Except gluten-free foods just are not exactly my cup-o-tea!

No more English muffins, bagels, pizza, ice cream, cream in my coffee, ...Twizzlers? (yes, unbelievable, but one of my favorite candies has wheat ingredients!!).

I have tried this kind of diet three times before (to help with breast-feeding issues) and felt like I was going crazy after about day 7 or 8, and I was always breaking the rules. It just has never worked.

Oh, and let's not get me started on how EXPENSIVE this kind of diet is! [head spinning!]

I drove home from the doctor's wondering about how I am going to do this. And then I remembered: I'm a mom blogger! I am sure I have readers and fellow bloggers who have been where I am about to go!

So, as I embark on this new diet journey, I welcome your thoughts, and I will need your encouragement!

What are your recommendations for this kind of diet? I welcome all recipes, food brand, and how-to-stick-with-it tips!

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