Monday, August 15, 2011

New Moms: Chronicle Baby's First Day with #thedaybabywasborn

Everybody warns you, but it's like you don't believe it until you experience it. That first day when you have a baby - it goes by in a blur. Not only is it just SUCH an exhilarating moment, but you're also probably exhausted and not feeling your best. Add to that, people, nurses, doctors coming and going. And a newborn ... you're going to be overwhelmed.
I have a huge regret about not taking enough pictures on the day my son was born. I THOUGHT I was taking enough but we were so bone-tired, we discovered later we had just taken a few videos and maybe a couple dozen shots. They were TERRIBLE pictures too. We looked super tired, I was all blotchy and the baby was never awake. If we had planned ahead and put more time in, we might have a better record. Totally regretting not doing more.
But when you're exhausted it's not always easy to remember to be the family historian. Now, there's a new way to create a beautiful record of baby's first day! Next time I have a baby, I'll be using Tommee Tippee's free service The Day Baby Was Born to help me record every lovely minute of that day!

With this service, you can collect data like news stories, Facebook wall posts (think all those congratulations and well-wishes from friends and family!). It's all digital, so you don't have to do a lot of work, or spend time pasting photos into albums that will just get dusty on the shelf.
Plus, depending on how much time you want to put in, you can expand your memories. You can add to the actual DAY your baby was born by including a pregnancy journal and even write a letter to your baby (good to know in advance for the next baby I have - I'll definitely be doing this!). I think it's so important to record feelings, happenings, and photos from the days surrounding your child's birth. They will wonder in later years what that day was like - and now, you'll be able to share it with them!
In the end, you'll have a detailed storybook of your child's new life, and you'll be able to share this storybook with your family as well.

Here's a sample storybook. Or watch a video to see how it works.

It's simple, customizable, and easy for busy moms.
Don't let a single moment, photo, or feeling from that beautiful day fly away... record each precious thought about your world, the day your baby arrives and changes your world forever!
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