Thursday, July 28, 2011

THE HELP Movie ~ Fun Prizes Giveaway!

I read the book The Help last year when I was sitting on the couch all day nursing a newborn. It is a pageturner that definitely helped me pass the time!

Although I've read some controversy about inaccuracies and stereotypes in the novel, I still think it is a story that holds value for its lesson that change can happen through unlikely friendships. I am so curious to see the movie that is coming out August 10th!

Exciting news! I'm going to a pre-screening event for The Help movie on August 8th! I can't share anything till August 10th but I'll be among the first bringing you my personal review of this book-to-movie entertainment!

DreamWorks Pictures’ THE HELP hits theatres on Wednesday, August 10th!

THE HELP is a provocative and inspiring look at what happens when a southern town’s unspoken code of rules and behavior is shattered by three courageous women who strike up an unlikely friendship. 

Here's some FUN FACTS about The Help movie:


  • The film is based on the phenomenal New York Times best-selling book by Kathryn Stockett. With 3 million copies in print, “The Help” remained on the NYT best-seller list for 103 weeks, six of which were at No. 1.
  • Tate Taylor directed and wrote the screenplay for “The Help.” Both he and the author of the novel, Kathryn Stockett, were childhood friends and grew up in Jackson, Mississippi, where the book is based. 
  • “The Help” boasts an illustrious cast, including Academy Award® nominee Viola Davis, Allison Janney, Emma Stone, Bryce Dallas Howard, Octavia Spencer, Oscar® winner Sissy Spacek and Academy Award® nominee Cicely Tyson.
  • The film was shot on location in and around Greenwood, Miss., and the citizens of Greenwood willingly pitched in to find period props for the film by digging in their attics and basements, and many played extras in “The Help” as well.
  • While growing up in Jackson, Miss., Tate Taylor, Kathryn Stockett and Brunson Green would regularly be treated to milkshakes and grilled cheese sandwiches at Brent’s Pharmacy soda fountain. The production recreated the real Brent’s Pharmacy as it was when they were children.
  • Local chefs were brought in to make sure foods used in the scenes, from fried chicken to congealed salads, were regionally correct and also correct for the times, and effort was made to make it all look homemade—not fancy or store-bought—to add to the authenticity of the film.
  • Cast members spent a whole day in a ballroom learning period dances, including the bunny hop—taught by Sissy Spacek. 
  • A dialect coach, hired to make sure everyone’s southern accent was perfect, flew into Jackson, Miss., to record accents for the actors.  Even the real southerners in the cast were coached in the proper way of speaking specifically for the Mississippi Delta.
  •  The mothers of Tate Taylor, Kathryn Stockett and Brunson Green all have appearances in “The Help.”
  • Due to the intense summer heat in Mississippi, the filmmakers adjusted the schedule to shoot only indoors in the middle of the day. Exteriors were shot in the early morning and late afternoon. 
While you wait for your chance to see this movie, I have a great giveaway for you! Lots of fun The Help Movie Swag!

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Disclosure: I was not sent product or compensation for hosting this giveaway! I will however be attending the pre-screening event for the movie.  

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