Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Coolest of the Cool - Cool Cups Snacks

Flavored gelatin (like Jell-O) is the quintessential childhood snack... but you'd be surprised what's in typical gelatin treats. According to Cool Cups' website, the leading brand in the supermarkets uses a mixture of pig skin, bovine hide and animal bones! Um... sounds gross to me!

And, many kids with food sensitivities can't have even this seemingly benign snack because some contain dairy or gluten ingredients!

Cool Cups are an all natural, gelatin-free fruit snack or dessert! Here's some great reasons to try out Cool Cups:

Seems like the perfect snack, right? And Cool Cups are 100% vegan, and only 95 calories per serving. If you're on Weight Watchers, it's only a 2 point snack.

Cool Cups come in three flavors at this time, Peach Mango, Cherry and Orange and retail for about $2.99 per 4-pack.

We recently tried Cool Cups we bought at Whole Foods Market. I loved the Peach Mango... Orange is good, but I prefer tropical flavors! The taste is bright and sweet! Now, there is sugar added, so I'm holding off on giving them to my baby just yet, but when he's older, these will be a great treat! I hope Cool Cups comes out with more flavors (Strawberry?) and maybe an organic version!

Because Cool Cups are gelatin free, made with carageenan instead, the texture is a bit different. It's not quite as smooth - more of a tapioca-texture, but still with a lot of fun "wiggle" that kids will love! It's a good idea to have children explore foods with different textures - they will gobble up Cool Cups anyway because they are tasty and fun, but they'll also experience food textures at the same time!

Check out Cool Cups website for more info, and fun printable masks kids can play with. You'll also find Cool Cups on Facebook and Twitter!

Disclosure: This post was written for Family Review Network & Cool Cups who provided the complimentary product for review in exchange for my honest opinions.

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