Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Looking for More from Techy-Providers?

We are NOT huge TV / Cable watchers. However, when we DO watch TV, we want it to be quality programming at a great price. I must call my Internet / Cable company every few months asking if they have a different package they can offer me. Why? Because I have never truly been satisfied with my service. Either I can order a la carte and get what I want, but pay a fortune. Or, I can save a TEENY bit of money and get SOME of what I want, but then have tons of features I never use or I don't want in my home (like certain TV channels).

And, part of the problem is that I "need" fast-fast-fast Internet service. But in my plan that ONLY comes bundled with a huge Cable package. Otherwise, I have to get the slow service a la cart. It doesn't seem right!

So I would LOVE to have Verizon's fiber optic technology (FiOS) in our home. Although, apparently they don't service my area (again, because we have a cable provider who runs a mini monopoly in our area!).

Why would I love Verizon FiOS? Well, because for one, I have been a Verizon cell phone customer for over 7 years, and I know they have great service and great prices! So I'd be happy to have their cable/Internet service as well. Also, think about how every month, it seems, a hot new Internet product comes along that needs more and more speed from your connection. With FiOS, you're supposed to be guaranteed to keep up with these changes. Verizon calls this "future-proofing!" I like the idea that I would get a product that would keep up with the times.

Plus, we're about to order a new HDTV, and I want my first experience with HDTV to be good - not all pixelated or interrupted like some of my friends tell me happens with their TVs. And I like that Verizon FiOS has Flex View that would let you watch videos on your computer or mobile phone. So to me, this is kind of like my Netflix, where I can watch the movies I want where ever I am! How great right?

One feature I think might be fun is the ability to tweet or facebook status right from my TV - I mean, don't you all want to know what I'm watching, right away!? Okay, maybe not, but it could make watching a bit more fun and interactive! Like how my friend and I have been watching the same TV series on DVD roughly at the same time - if we had FiOS, we could share our thoughts about the show while we're watching it, instead of leaving each other tons of voice mails with our thoughts on the show, like we do now!

Well...it all sounds very appealing to me - the quality of connection, the range of services, and the interactive features! Verizon, please come to our area soon, because I really would love to take advantage of all that Verizon FiOS has to offer! I hope to see you soon!!

Do you FiOS?  How do you like it?

I wrote this blog post while participating in the SocialMoms and Verizon FiOS blogging program for a gift card. For more information on how you can participate, click here.

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