Sunday, May 8, 2011

"Clean" up your cleaning with EcoStoreUSA

It's been a long road trying to switch our family over to the organic, all-natural, non-toxic house. We're not there yet, but step by step we get closer.

For household cleaning, I have relied on vinegar/water solutions and baking powder for scouring. Generally speaking, this works. However, sometimes I want a little something more - a little more power so I can use less elbow grease!

EcoStoreUSA two of their newest products to test out in my home. I received the plant based Glass Cleaner, which is basically a vinegar/water solution like I use, but also contains a simple glucose. Definitely worked on my mirrors and glass shower door, as I knew it would, since I've been using vinegar for some time. The spray bottle gives the solution a powerful kick, and the glucose must add a little something to the mix, because I do prefer the EcoStore version over my own solution.

I also tried the Toilet Cleaner which has a light tangy scent of pine because it includes pine oil; it reminded me of my parent's house because they used pine cleaner all the time. I like the smell, and I like that it doesn't linger very long after you clean; that is one mark of a "clean" cleaner to me, if the air does not smell chemically after you're done cleaning! The toilet cleaner worked great, although I still needed a scouring powder to remove the ring the water line leaves (we have some kind of water buildup problem!). EcoStore does carry a cream cleanser I bet would work well on this spot!

I feel confident using EcoStore's plant based products, and if you're wondering what this company is all about - here's more info:

About the Company:
EcoStoreUSA specializes in home, body, baby and pet care products with “No Nasty Chemicals” – that is, chemicals that don’t biodegrade, have been linked to skin irritations, allergic reactions, or hormone disruptions (among other side effects). Here’s what you WON’T find in their products (read why not!)
  • NO toxic petrochemicals
  • NO Enzymes
  • NO Optical Whiteners
  • NO synthetic perfumes or dyes
  • NO Sodium Lauryl Sulphate
  • NO Phosphates*
  • NO Chlorine
  • NO Ammonia
  • NO TEA, DEA or MEA
  • NO parabens
  • NO propylene glycol
EcoStoreUSA uses plant-based ingredients, eliminating the need for toxic chemicals as cleaning agents. EcoStore customer testimonials include parents noting their children’s allergies, eczemas, and chronic conditions were clearing up! EcoStore aims to keep products affordable; their products are concentrated so “a little goes a long way.”

Check out EcoStoreUSA online at their store, Facebook page, or Twitter.

DISCLOSURE: Many thanks to EcoStoreUSA for sending products free of charge to facilitate this review. I was under no obligation and this post contains my honest opinions.

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