Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Shh... hear that? (Peep!)

The harbingers of spring ... not the tulips, daffodils or melting snow. Oh no... it's those sugar-sparkled puffs of goodness - PEEPS! Those fluffy marshmallow chicks that remained perky and sweet no matter how many of their fellow chicks were devoured routinely at Easter-time. I loved seeing a square carton of Peeps candies at the breakfast table on Easter morning.

I grew up eating peeps. Did you?

My favorite way was to stuff the entire peep in my mouth and let all the sugar melt off. Then I would mash the marshmallow part around in all its sticky gooey goodness before grabbing another and starting all over again! Peeps were a great and colorful way to play “How many marshmallows can I fit in my mouth?” too!

Sometimes, my siblings and I would play make-believe with the Peeps, getting our fingers all sticky while the chicks had conversations, mock battles, and often lost their heads in the process. It was always fun to have multiple colors of peep for some variety. Pink, yellow, purple. Purple was my favorite!

Oh, another favorite way of mine to eat them (if they lasted that long) was to tear a hole in the package and let them sit out for a few weeks. Then they would get nice and hard, and make for a great chewy candy. Like I said, it was hard to wait, and I usually kept tasting them every few days to see if they were “ready” yet. I called it “cooking my Peeps.” A little barbaric, true, but still so good. Stale Peeps… who knew they could be so yummy! My siblings all did the same, and I am wondering if this habit was true for other kids?

I asked hubby if he had a favorite Peep memory too. He said not specifically, but like most of us, he remembers… they were always “around” at Easter-time, but reminded me that if you lower the pressure in a closed container of Peeps, they will expand. Ah, that's the chemistry teacher for you!

Whatever way you enjoy eating Peeps, no question they are practically an American icon of springtime... although now I have seen them showing up at Halloween, Easter and, if I recall correctly, I thought I saw some Peeps at Valentine's... The ranks of chicks has grown to include bunnies and more. Still, the yellow chicks will always remain a classic!

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