Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Classic Coke ~ Classic Family Recipe!

Do you drink Coke or Pepsi? Seems to always be a dividing factor among friends! (Along with whether you call it soda or pop!). I drink Coke. Always have! I love the sweet taste and the flavor that is not quite like anything in this world. I also love that Coke has so many other uses... like cleaning pennies, toilets and... cooking with!

One classic summer recipe that works awesome with Coke is Coke Can Chicken. Now, this isn't really a "recipe" per say as merely a method of making chicken. I'm sure most of you have heard of "Beer can chicken," but since we don't drink at all in our house, we aren't going to go out and buy beer specially to make chicken with. So we use Coke instead.

We do Coke Can Chicken a few times a summer out on the grill. You CAN buy a fancy stand to put the Coke can in, which we have, but in a pinch you can just use the can of Coke! It's super easy.

Basically, you get your whole chicken prepared - whether you like to trim fat, skin, whatever.

Season it to your liking - we prefer a jerk seasoning, or salt, pepper and rosemary.

Open a can of Coke. Drink it. Then open another can of Coke. Someone else will probably grab it and drink that one too. Then open another can of Coke and try to guard it with your life because you need it for this recipe!

Take the open can of Coke and insert it into the hole in the chicken where you pulled out all the disgusting stuff. The chicken legs will like dangle down. The Coke can now provides a sort of "stand" that holds the chicken straight up like it's going to start doing the chicken dance. (Or, you could be snooty and use the fancy stand to hold the chicken and Coke can!). Put the Coke can chicken on the grill (okay, this IS where the stand comes in handy because without it, and depending on your grill you might have to precisely balance the chicken but it can be done!).

When the chicken is on the grill, turn the grill on and begin to cook your chicken. Close the lid to seal in the heat and the moisture. Cook / grill until done.

Basically, what happens now, is the Coke in the can starts to evaporate with the heat. As the evaporating Coke hits the chicken, it gives the meat a moist texture, and slightly sweet flavor. No, it doesn't taste like Coke. It just tastes like moist, sweet, grilled chicken. Which is to say: delicious!

So that's our classic family recipe using Coke! You should try it this summer! I know we will! And while you're at it, I'd love to hear YOUR recipes and memories of Coke! Leave a comment!

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