Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Simple Changes for a Great New Year

Did you make a ton of New Year's Resolutions? I always do. Have you broken some already? Maybe all of them? We're just 3 weeks into the new year and it's a good time for a "check-up"to see how your resolutions are doing. Here are simple ways to keep your New Year's Resolutions:
  1. Write it down - even if you didn't do so on New Year's Day, right now, take a moment to jot down all the goals you have for this year.
  2. Tell someone - when you let other people know what you're trying to do, not only will you be more motivated to make good on your goals, but you'll also have friends that will check in with you and keep you on track.
  3. Set appointments with yourself - today we have a plethora of digital planning devices to remind us of what we're supposed to be doing. You can either schedule in your workouts, create menus to help you eat healthy, or simply set a monthly appointment with yourself to review your goals for the year. Reminding yourself frequently of what you want to achieve can make it happen.
  4. It's not over... until Dec 31 - just because you missed a workout or two, or you went through the fast food drive-thru doesn't mean you've lost. It's just a small setback - remind yourself of your goals, and start fresh the next day.

Here's the simple changes I am making to help me achieve my goal to eat healthier this year:
  1. List healthy eating items and habits. This list includes buying organic meat, milk, and eggs. Also, no more than two fast food stops per month. Finally, salad at least twice a week!
  2. Discuss healthy eating with my friends and relatives. I always ask for their recipes - trying a new recipe keep me from getting bored and turning to easy, but overly-processed foods.
  3. Two organic cookbooks now sit ON the kitchen counter at all times. Now I look through them every week as I plan my menu, and choose a meal that might be a little healthier than my old standbys. Or, I find ways to "health-up" my favorite dishes, like adding sweet potato to my macaroni and cheese!
  4. Monthly review - I re-read my goals for healthy eating, and check off the ones that I kept for the whole month. This helps me celebrate my successes and analyze where I might be going off track.
Each of these steps is so simple, takes very little time, but will keep me focused and motivated for the entire year! I hope each of you achieves your goals this year! Please let me know what you're aiming for! I'd love to cheer you on!

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