Monday, December 6, 2010

Gifts Make Memories

I love gifts. It's not that I'm greedy, but when someone gives me a gift I feel special. I truly enjoy that gift because of the person giving it, because of the spirit of kindness that comes with it.

My most memorable gift was the Lane cedar chest my parents gave me the Christmas before I went away to college. They told me they gave it to me to put all  my hopes and dreams in, as I was about to embark on a voyage to a new place. The smell of the cedar wafted up like a promise when I opened the lid. I remembered thinking of all my hopes and dreams and wondered if they would all fit inside! Fortunately, nearly 20 years later, that cedar chest still sits at the foot of my bed, and my hopes and dreams have been coming true one by one - college degree, loving husband, beautiful son.... my parent's gift made a lasting memory for me.

But a gift doesn't have to be a large piece of furniture to be special. I have enjoyed many fine treats sent to me by loving friends. Books, spa products, chocolates, or even a gourmet food basket.

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