Thursday, November 18, 2010

I'm Of The Opinion: TV for Babies

Here's the first of my posts that will simply voice my opinion on various topics. Quickly, briefly, without much back up. Because I can. I'll also tell you whether I actually practice what I preach - full transparency! :) Feel free to voice yours too, but BE NICE! We don't have to agree, but we CAN be agreeable! :)

I'm of the opinion that TV for babies is not a good thing. The APA recommends NO screen time for babies under 2. I agree with this. Why do they need to be absorbed by the pixels anyway? They need to explore, interact with humans (and animals!) and take in the world around them on their own terms. TV can be startling, mind-numbing, and burn images in their mind that aren't necessary (if you don't monitor, that is). While there's certainly great DVDs and shows for children, like the Baby Einstein and other series, I just prefer that we delay those shows for now. It can wait.

Do I follow my own opinion? I would say 99% yes. My 9 month old has "watched" (more like seen by accident) probably 20 minutes TOTAL of TV in his whole short life. And that is a generous estimate. He's also probably accumulated about 20-30 minutes of "screen time" if I go check my email or look up a recipe on the computer while I'm holding him. That's it. I have never sat him down to watch anything on purpose. Now, would I LIKE to? Yes, I definitely see how putting in a 20 minute Baby Einstein would tremendously help me be able to get household tasks done. But I am just not going to do it. I think this opinion is going to be harder to keep once I have TWO babies, b/c I am not planning on keeping TV from my kids FOREVER.... just while they are young!

But we don't have to agree on this - what do you think about screen time? TV or Computer?


Shelley said...

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God Bless,

Melissa Sharon said...

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GutsyWriter said...

This is an interesting topic. First of all, I'm a mom of three boys, and have been through the TV thing. I am curious how the age 2 came up? Is this at a certain stage of a child's development when the brain can assimilate things differently?
As you may know from my "About Me," we lived in Central America, Belize with our sons, to heal our family and take them out of the peer pressures, entitlement attitudes, busyness of life. We had no TV for three years, and I did see my sons entertain one another and bond more like "good friends."
My boys were 9, 13 and 16 at the time. Good luck and keep writing, and thanks for your visit.