Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Get in on BrickSwag - a LEGO Club Exclusive (Review)

Do you have a LEGO lover in the house? I have two of them!

I've recently discovered Brickswag, thanks to my partnership with US Family Guide, and boy, have they hit the mark spot on for LEGO lovers! Brickswag is perfect to keep inspiration flowing and help your LEGO lover achiever master-builder status!

Our first box (November 2015) was a treasure trove! I could not believe all they packed in!

What's in a Brickswag LEGO Subscription Box!?

CONFESSION: I opened the box myself before the boys saw it so I could make this little Instagram video and I have to admit, I had a ton of fun with all the surprises!

First, Brickswag comes in a vivid red box, printed like a LEGO brick. The kids knew right away this was for them! 
  • A hilarious poster with a science joke (Hubby took that to work with him!)
  • A LEGO inspired plastic drinking cup - I'm kinda hoping we get another one of these in the next box only because I have TWO boys! ha! But I am pretty sure every box is different.
  • One commemorative red brick printed with "Brickswag, November 2015" - very cool!
  • An exclusive LEGO-themed T-shirt - ours was the one with the MLB-style logo but with a LEGO mini figure wielding a light saber. Text reads: Use the Bricks! I'm kinda happy that it came in medium size b/c I can wear it until my boys get a little older. I believe you only get the T-shirt with the 1 year plan, or with your first box - don't quote me on that!
  • Build Magazine - a really neat little publication with reviews of LEGO sets, instructions for the Brickswag kit, and fun games.
  • Brickswag kit - themed for November, ours was a Thanksgiving turkey! My five-year-old was able to follow the directions fairly easily to build this set. NOTE: The bricks in Brickswag are official LEGO bricks, not knockoffs. Awesome!
  • Brick Booster - a large bag filled with random bricks to boost your home collection. As my boys are just starting out, this was great for them! There's a cool contest in the Build magazine for users to create and share for a prize. It's an awesome idea, but my little boys are just not old enough to be motivated by that yet. Maybe in a year or two.
  • Funky Fig Trading Cards - 5 cards with mini figures on them in various costumes. I've got to say I have never heard of these before, and a few of them were not really appropriate for my little boys, but the others my kids got a kick out of looking at. Fairly cool.

About Brickswag

Brickswag is the #1 membership for LEGO fans. Their mission is: To Inspire, Educate, and Entertain with LEGO bricks. 

Brickswag monthly LEGO Subscription box is a definite hot pick this holiday season! Last year, memberships sold out before December so now is the time to lock in for this holiday season.

Here's a visual of the current membership plans and pricing. I think for what you get, it's a pretty exciting gift at a decent price point! And there's a good range of plans to pick from!

Check their site for current promo codes!

Happy building!

PS - Got questions about BrickSwag? Send our friends there an email at info@brickbuildersclub.com

This post is sponsored by BrickSwag and USFamilyGuide and I will receive a free 3 month subscription to BrickSwag in exchange for posting this information. All opinions are my own. 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Put BrickSwag LEGO Box Subscription on your Gift List! (20% off Code!)

Okay I had a hunch that the BrickSwag LEGO subscription box concept was going to be cool but... 

You just have NO idea how awesome it is until you see it for yourself!! 

I'm going to have a review posted soon, but until then, I want you to have this special promo code because it's only good till November 20, 2015!

What is BrickSwag? 

BrickSwag is the #1 membership for LEGO fans. Their mission is: To Inspire, Educate, and Entertain with LEGO bricks. 

Members are enrolled in the Brick Builders Club which is a pretty sweet place to be! Each monthly LEGO box from BrickSwag includes official LEGO kits to build and keep, exclusive t-shirt, Build magazine, Funky Fig trading cards, and more surprises.

Get 20% off BrickSwag Membership NOW!

My readers receive 20% Off their BrickSwag subscription with this exclusive promo code: FAM20 

OFFER EXPIRES: 11/20/2015

Hold on tight - you'll be hearing back from me with more details about our BrickSwag experience!!

This post is sponsored by BrickSwag and USFamilyGuide and I will receive a free 3 month subscription to BrickSwag in exchange for posting this information. All opinions are my own. 

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

All Day Breakfast at McDonald's Starts Today!

I am always crushed when I head out in the morning without breakfast and just crave a hash brown or Egg McMuffin, and then... realize I'm about ten minutes past the breakfast times at McDonald's! Bummer...

But not anymore! Today McDonald's launched their All Day Breakfast - so now, instead of "just missing it" you can order your favorite breakfast meals any time of day!

All Day Breakfast is the Number 1 request from customers (more than 120K tweets about it in the past year alone!), and McDonald's in Connecticut and Western Massachusetts aim to please!

“We’re excited to offer All Day Breakfast to our customers, as we know they’ve been asking for it,” said Scott Taylor, local McDonald’s Owner/Operator and President of the Connecticut and Western Massachusetts McDonald’s Owner/Operator Association. “We appreciate and value customer feedback, and we’re looking forward to offering them to the ability to enjoy some of their favorite McDonald’s breakfast items at anytime.”

After 10:30 a.m., the following menu items can be enjoyed along with our World Famous Fries and other iconic favorites, such as the Big Mac and Filet-O-Fish:

McMuffin Sandwiches (not Egg White Delight)
  • Egg McMuffin 
  • Sausage McMuffin with Egg
  • Sausage McMuffin
  • Hotcakes with Sausage
  • Hotcakes
Sausage Burrito

  • Fruit 'N Yogurt Parfait
  • Fruit & Maple Oatmeal
  • Hash Browns
*available breakfast items vary by location 

To kick off All Day Breakfast, McDonald’s customers are encouraged to join the conversation on Twitter and Instagram for a chance to win free Extra Value Meal coupons and other exciting giveaways.

For more information about McDonald’s full line of menu choices including nutrition information visit www.McDonalds.com.

I don't know about you, but I for one am happy to trade up my fries for a late afternoon hash brown! How about you!?

Enter to win this exciting All Day Breakfast prize pack from McDonald's! 

McDonald’s All Day Breakfast Prize Pack (ARV: $60.00)

  • Cotton McDonald's Tote Ba
  • Travel Set including eye mask, ear-plugs, blanket, pillow, and a case!
  • McCafe K-Cup pack 18 ct
  • McDonald's Travel mug
  • Egg McMuffin Pin
  • $20 McDonald's Arch Card
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This post was sponsored by McDonald's of CT/WMA and I received items and a gift card for sharing this message. All opinions are my own. 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Shutterfly.com offers personalized greeting cards!

I am definitely a Daddy's girl! Even so finding the perfect card for Father's Day can be a challenge! Some years I go humorous and other years, when I reflect on how much my dad means to me, I get a bit sappy and go for the serious and reflective card.

I am lucky I can hand deliver my Father's Day cards, but if you have to mail yours, you should check out Shutterfly.com.

Shutterfly.com offers personalized greeting cards for any occasion. You pick your card, write your message and schedule it to be delivered! And we aren't talking e-cards but real, printed, mailed out cards!

Yes, that's right, Shutterfly.com is a personal card assistant! There are hundreds of beautiful and clever cards to pick from, whether you're feeling silly or sentimental.

And there are many ways to personalize your card!
  • Add a gift card to top retailers (such as Amazon, iTunes, Target & more) in any greeting card.
  • Include your own photos which will be printed into the card with your own message.
  • Never forget a birthday again--import birthdays from Facebook and set up reminders.
  • Schedule cards for delivery—up to year in advance
Originally, Treat.com gave me free card credit in exchange for this post. Since Treat.com has closed, I have switched links to Shutterly.com. All opinions here are 100% my own humble opinion!

Saturday, June 20, 2015

NYC Cruise on Classic Harbor Line Yacht Manhattan (Plus 15% Discount on Tickets!)

We just stepped off our yacht... I know, aren't we fancy!? and what a trip we had around New York Harbor on Classic Harbor Line's yacht, Manhattan!

Let me tell you, New York Harbor is simply teeming with interesting sights and sounds, which you'd probably never experience unless you took a cruise.

For Father's Day, we hopped aboard the luxurious Yacht Manhattan, one of Classic Harbor Line's vessels, for a sunset tour of New York's waterways.

Now, the day was overcast and threatening some drizzles, so the New York skyline was fogged in a bit. But we could still see quite a bit when we got up close.

The boys excitedly followed us down the gangplank and onboard. Once we headed out into the harbor, another exciting thing happened: a man got down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend, and then all their friends and family came out from the top deck and surprised them! So a cruise makes for a wonderfully romantic experience, as well as a great family trip!

Our yacht had an open front deck with benches where we enjoyed the wind in our hair and watched the city slip by. Our two boys proudly walked around without holding on, showing off their "sea legs."

Inside the enclosed, air conditioned cabin, wooden fixtures shone and upholstered seats offered a place to relax and enjoy the scenery.

The captain narrated various landmarks, and upbeat swing music played, so fitting for the 1920's style yacht.

We packed a picnic lunch, and enjoyed our complimentary beverage while we approached the Statue of Liberty!

The yacht cruised quite close to Lady Liberty, making it possible to get good shots of her full length (again the clouds made for less detail but you can't control the weather!).

We saw the Staten Island Ferry, tugboats, kayaks, the Intrepid Air and Sea Museum, Ellis Island, and the three bridges of New York City - lovely.

New York City's buildings are simply stunning seen from the water, and you can really appreciate the size and grandeur of this city when you cruise by.

Ninety minutes on the water went by quicker than I thought possible, and we were sad to say goodbye to the captain, crew and ship!

Although we've been to New York City many times, we'd never experienced the city from the water, and it was truly a unique and lovely way to see the city from a new perspective!

Get 15% off your next New York Harbor Cruise trip!

Classic Harbor Line has several yachts and sailboats that regularly cruise and sail New York's Harbor. There are various kinds of trips, long and short, as well as brunches!

Their family friendly boat tours of Manhattan offer locals and visitors a chance to enjoy a different kind of sightseeing! And right now, my readers can get 15% off each ticket purchase with this promo code: MOM2015. Valid for any Day Sail, Sunset Sail, City Lights Sail aboard Schooner Adirondack, Schooner America 2.0, or any cruise on Yacht Manhattan.
Disclosure: I received family passes to this cruise at no charge in exchange for posting this message! All opinions are my own!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

What Your Child Learns at Digital Media Academy! (Plus $75 DISCOUNT!)

I've been telling you about Digital Media Academy - a super cool adventure for kids this summer! But wouldn't it be great to really SEE what your kids would learn? 

First, Digital Media Academy is held at high-ranking colleges and universities in both the United States and Canada. Your kids would have an amazing on-campus experience!

But what would they do there? Let's take a look:

Graphic Design
Computer Programming

Mentored by Industry Experts
Hands on Learning in and Out of the Classroom!
Rocket Launching!

Really SEE the action in this video about Digital Media Academy!

Need more reasons to check it out:

  1. Kids get hands on experience in important tech areas
  2. Taught with the latest software and hardware - Apple Canon, Adobe!
  3. Choose 1 or 2 week sessions
  4. In the top 10 best summer camps in the world!
  5. Check out the Made by Girls empowerment program!
  6. Build pre-collegiate experience! 

Get $75 off your summer camp registration NOW!

Save $75 off summer camps at Digital Media Academy with code TECHSUMMER at www.DigitalMediaAcademy.org

Sign up for multiple weeks and save big! Campers save $125 for each additional course they register for. Register by June 30th to #CreateTheNext best-selling app this summer!

#CreateTheNext this summer at Digital Media Academy!

Questions? Call 1(866)656-3342 to speak with a Guest Service Representative or email info@digitalmediaacademy.org and mention the US Family Guide Special Offer

This post was written as part of the US Family Guide blogger program and I will be compensated for sharing this message! All opinions are my own. 

Celebrate National Egg Day with 63¢ Egg McMuffin Sandwiches!

The Egg McMuffin is truly an icon of American food history!

I grew up with it, and chances are you did too! In fact, my mom used to make them for us at home because we loved them so much!

Well, one week from today there's going to be a celebration! On June 3rd, National Egg Day, McDonald's celebrates their iconic breakfast sandwich! Participating restaurants in Western Massachusetts and Connecticut will be offering Egg McMuffin Sandwiches for just 63¢!! (Limit 4 per customer, excluding Fairfield County. In Western Mass, only Hampden, Hampshire, and Franklin Counties)

Did you know? 

  • The classic Egg McMuffin breakfast sandwich is made with a freshly cracked Grade A egg, topped with extra lean Canadian bacon and a slice of melty American cheese, and held together by a freshly toasted English muffin.
  • The eggs in Egg McMuffins get their shape from special six-ring tools placed right on the grill! (I've been behind the scenes at McDonald's and know this is true!).
  • The eggs in Egg McMuffins are REAL, WHOLE eggs! (true!)
  • The Egg McMuffin is just 300 calories
  • The Egg McMuffin was created in 1972! It's over 40 years old!!

Celebrate National Egg Day with 63¢ Egg McMuffins... and a Giveaway!

In addition to offering such a special price on Egg McMuffins, McDonald's is also offering you a giveaway through my blog!

The best part is you get to try making Egg McMuffin's... at HOME!!!

Here's what you could win:
McDonald’s “Egg-cellent” Prize Pack (ARV: $50)
·         Cotton McDonald’s Lovin’ Tote Bag
·         McDonald’s Travel Mug
·         Egg McMuffin t-shirt
·         Egg McMuffin apron
·         Egg McMuffin pins (one for you/one for someone you love)
·         Egg rings & egg flipper (so you can make an Egg McMuffin at home for someone you love; watch McDonald’s Executive Chef Dan Coudreaut show you how to make one!)
·         $20 McDonald’s Arch Card

Use the form below to enter for a chance to win!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks to McDonalds of Western Mass. and Connecticut for providing products and samples for this post and giveaway! All opinions are my own!